Identify a mental health promotion related community need that you are trying to address

Assignment Content
2-3 pages, single-spaced.
Format as a formal letter, including relevant addresses, dates, salutations, and a signature line.
Integrate a minimum of 3 external resource (published research/. newspaper article) in your letter, as well as a community organization that would possibly submit the letter of intent to a funder.

CITATION FORMAT: Use the APA Style Guide to cite sources used, including both in-text referencing and a bibliography of resources used. Papers without cited references to works used or incorrectly cited references (i.e., bibliography listed but no in-text citations) will not be graded. Review. Seneca’s guide to using APA referencing.
This is an individual assignment. Each student will write their own individual
letter of intent.
Identify a mental health promotion related community need that you are trying to address – for e.g. increased gun violence among youth, low-income single mothers in need of support, isolated 2SLGBTQ+ seniors, etc.
Conduct research to understand the need/issue you are trying to address. Look for published research and/or newspaper articles that help you make a case on why the need needs to be addressed in order to promote mental health of the community you wish to support.
Based on your identified prevalent issue impacting the community you have chosen to focus on, come up with an appropriate and feasible project in response – for e.g., peer support group for at-risk youth, wellness programs for low-income single mothers, social and recreational programs for 2SLGBTQ+ seniors, etc.

Create a detailed letter of intent to fund a project aimed at responding to one or more of the issues impacting the community you are planning to support. (Please see the sample letters of intent posted on blackboard to get an understanding of how such letters are drafted)
As you develop a letter of intent, please research, and identify a funder for the project. Please be sure to select a funder that aligns with your issue-area and/or proposed response.

Either identify yourself as a lead staff of a fictitious non-profit organization or identify an actual non-profit organization that would be appropriate to submit the proposal. If you use any content from the website/materials of an actual non-profit organization, please cite these.
Your final letter should be between 2-3 pages, single-spaced, and be structured as follows:

1. Introduction paragraph: Outline the purpose of the letter and succinctly state how much funding you are asking for (up to a total of $100,000 for a one-year project) and why (1 paragraph).

2. Description of the issue: Using your research on the community need/. issue identified, cite at least one external resource, provide a detailed description of the community, the prevalent challenges you wish to address, and why it is important to respond to this issue now (2–3 paragraphs).

3. Description of your project: Provide a detailed description of what you wish to do to respond to this issue. What is the project that you are hoping to develop? Make sure you are clear in your description as the funders may not know the issue. If possible, include if there are other similar projects that already exist, and why your project would be different (2 – 3 paragraphs).

4. About your organization: Why is your organization the right one to successfully carry out this project? What similar projects have you done in the past? What experience do you have working with the community or these issues (1 paragraph)?

5. Conclusion: Return to the main points of the letter and restate why you should be funded for this project. Clearly explain how this funder is the right fit for your project. Be sure to include contact information and possible next steps (1 paragraph).
EVALUATION RUBRIC – Total value of 20 points
1) Introduction: Outline of the purpose of the letter (amount being requested and why, within $100,000) – 2.5 points
2) Description of Issue: Description of community (challenges that will be addressed, importance of responding to issue, connection to needs) – 5 points
3) Description of Project: Description of what the project will do to respond to identified issue(s) – 5 points
4) About the Organization: Explanation of why the organization chosen is the right fit to carry out the project (similar projects, experience with identified community/issues) – 2.5 points
5) Conclusion: Restatement of why project should be funded (includes contact info, possible next steps). Explanation of why this funder is the right fit for this project. – 2.5 points
6) External Resource: Integration of at least one quality external resource – 2.5 points

All the details are clearly exlained. Please choose the topic & write according to. ththat and choose the relevant resources accoroding to your topic. All the
resources must be Canadian and less than 5 years.

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