Identify and select music that illustrates your story.

Each student identifies, selects, and describes a set of musical renditions on the subject of public service – Using a narrated PowerPoint presentation, saved as MPEG-4 Video, they organize these as a documentary for peer-to-peer review and discussion. (Will require preparation of a script for presentation) 15% for PowerPoint Presentation
Each narrated presentation should include links to the music tracks and must not exceed 10 minutes.
Be certain to add references on the final slide. In Public Service, the format for citing references is the APA Style.Links to an external site.
Guidelines for Making a Documentary
What is the public service-related story that you want to tell?
Identify and select music that illustrates your story. Musicians sing about many topics and you can search for music on whatever public service-related topic that you choose and select those that you favor.
Prepare a script to tell the story
Create your presentation by organizing slides that feature links to the music, the singers, musicians, and why you selected each, in terms of how it relates to the story that you are telling.
Record your narrated presentation with the script that you prepared, using PowerPoint “Slide Show: Record Slide Show” function
Save as PowerPoint reflect on it and make changes
When you are sure that it is complete, save the PowerPoint as MPEG4 or MP4 video You will see this option when you scroll down in the options for “Save as”

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