Legalization of cannabis (brownie points for New Hampshire/New England info).

Inserting instructions from professor:
Select an issue that is currently dividing the American public. This issue can be a foreign policy decision, social stance, passed legislation, anything that falls into the political discussion. This can be a new issue facing America, or it can be something that has been argued for years.The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate how much you have learned this semester by applying several topics that we have covered in this course. This is a formal paper, therefore “I statements” (I feel, I think, etc.)

Within your paper, you should be sure to answer the following questions, if applicable:
What is the issue?
What is its history?
What are the arguments for and against the issue?
What do you think the Founders (Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison) would have stood on this issue? Support your claim.
What is Congress doing to address the issue; do they have a role?
Where is the President on the issue; active, passive, does he have a role?
Will this issue come before the Supreme Court? Why?
Will this issue be resolved, if so what is the solution? In not, why not?

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