Mobile App Planning and Design.

Assessment Description
The purpose of this assignment is to execute key steps in the mobile app planning and design process, and to explain how mobile technology and apps can be used to drive business results and create competitive advantage.
Review the “How to Write an Effective Mobile App Product Requirements Document,” located in the Topic 4 Resources, about the process of designing a mobile app. As you plan and research, imagine that your company is partnering with the United Nations to plan and design a mobile app as part of an initiative to fundraise and increase awareness about your selected sustainable development goal you researched and identified in Topic 4.
Please note that a guidance PowerPoint template for presentation is attached for your use as a starting place regarding structure and other details, though students are encouraged to use their own style for the final submission.
Presentation Requirements:
Create a PowerPoint presentation (10-15 slides) that includes the following:
1. Business requirements, including mobile app objectives and product vision statement.
2. Target audience and user journey.
3. List of features.
4. Monetization model.
5. Product and technical specification.
6. Platforms the app is being developed for.
7. Maintenance and upgrade requirements.
8. Dependencies, assumptions, constraints, and submission.
9. Explanation of how the mobile app can be used to drive business results and create a competitive advantage for the organization. Include a discussion of how and why this business app is a better solution than a competitor’s app or website by comparing your app to theirs (for example, “Uber” or “Lyft” if designing a ride-share app).
10. How the tenets of servant leadership can be applied to the project. Review in detail the “Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work,” located in the Topic 4 Resources. Discuss and apply at least two of the “WE BELIEVE” statements in that resource that applies to your app.
11. How conscious capitalism can be applied to the project. Review “Conscious Capitalism at GCU,” located in the Topic 6 Resources. Discuss the importance of business being a force for good to improve society and help communities prosper.
12. Fully developed speaker notes to provide details about the content of each slide. Notes should reflect what you would say in your presentation and not just a re-reading of the slide information.
13. At least one relevant data chart created in Excel and embedded in the presentation.
14. APA-style references slide(s).
Required Resources and Format
A minimum of two additional resources outside of those provided in this course are required, and at least one resource must come from the Wall Street Journal. Examples of research can include additional and/or current information related to the rationale for selecting mobile app technology to address your goal, as well as support for information related to your chosen sustainable development goal. Additional guidance information regarding acceptable resources is provided in the guidance PowerPoint template.
Submit the Microsoft PowerPoint presentation file only. Do not submit any other file format, such as an Adobe PDF file, or you will not earn full credit.
Refer to the resource, “Creating Effective PowerPoint Presentations,” located in the Student Success Center, for additional guidance on completing this assignment in the appropriate style.
ted in the Student Success Center.

This benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:
BS Business Secondary Education
7.1: Demonstrate computer literacy skills.
7.2: Explain the role of information technology and systems within business enterprises

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