Nutrition paper on Metabolic Syndrome .

Nutrition paper on Metabolic Syndrome

Your paper will be 4-6 pages in length, double-spaced, and be divided into the following sections:
1. Introduction – Provide an overview of the condition, including relevant statistics and evidence. For example, how many persons are affected? How many new cases are there each year? Which factors put persons at risk? What is the global impact? Is the incidence of this disorder increasing or decreasing?
2. Analysis – Most of your information will be presented in this section. You are expected to be thorough yet concise, and to provide evidence of critical analysis. For example, when you explain a disease or condition, include information that describes what is happening at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels, using your own words. Avoid using quotations as substitutes for material that you do not understand. Do not make statements that are common knowledge. For example, Kwashiorkor is a type of severe protein-energy malnutrition. A suggested solution, such as “eat more protein” is simplistic, obvious, and below the standards that are expected for this assignment. Be sure to include the following:
* A thorough explanation of the condition, including causes, signs, symptoms, and complications. Is it linked to other disorders?
* Treatment and prevention. Provide evidence and perhaps some case studies, and be current!
* Dietary recommendations: This requires critical evaluation of scientific evidence and objectivity. Avoid making claims that have little or no credible evidence to support them, and be careful not to confuse a recommendation with a “cure”. Also, do not confuse the deficiency of a given nutrient as the “cause” of a disorder unless you can provide scientific proof.

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