Organizational Structure and Technology Assignment.

Impact of Technology on Organizational Structure in a Globalized Economy

Please follow below:
1/ Introduction – For this assignment, you will examine the influence of technological advancements on the organizational structure of companies operating in a globalized economy. Choose a company that has recently undergone a significant technological transformation, such as the integration of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, or blockchain technology. Discuss the implications of this transformation and its potential effects on the company’s organizational framework.
2/ Organizational Structure – Begin with a brief introduction to the selected company and the implemented technological change. Analyze the company’s existing organizational structure and assess how the technological innovation has affected it. Evaluate the efficacy of the current organizational setup in facilitating the assimilation of the new technology.
3/ Technology and Organizational Structure – Delve into a detailed examination of how the adopted technology has influenced the company’s organizational structure. Explore the advantages and disadvantages stemming from this influence, and appraise the effectiveness of the revised organizational framework in fostering the adoption and integration of the novel technology.
4/ Recommendations – Drawing from your analysis, offer recommendations on enhancing the company’s organizational structure to better support the assimilation and integration of new technologies within the context of a globalized economy.

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