Project Makeover with Tableau: critique an existing visualization, and create a new visualization using the same data.

For this assignment, you are going to critique an existing visualization, and create a new visualization using the same data.
The visualization that you should use is linked here: The Best Countries to Raise a Family in 2020 (
You should first critique the initial comprehensive visualization in the article. Your critique should follow the junk charts trifecta framework and should be three paragraphs long:
First paragraph should answer the first two questions of the Trifecta. (What is the question? What does the data say?)
Second paragraph should answer the third question. (What does the visual say?)
The last paragraph should include specifics on what can be improved about the visualization based on data storytelling best practices that you have learned in this course. Reference specific readings (e.g., Shaffer’s 4 C’s, Ryan’s chapter) as well as asynchronous content.
Based on what you think can be improved, you will then create a new visualization, using the data provided. See excel spreadsheet linked below.
While the dataset is simple, pay close attention to Tableau fundamentals when planning and creating your visualization (e.g., measure vs. dimension, formatting in Tableau, marks cards). You should create the visualization to tell a story from your unique perspective, i.e., you do not have to recreate the exact visualization or use the entire dataset. Remember, a strong point of view is essential to a successful visualization. Review data storytelling best practices and storyboard your visual before you begin developing the visualization in Tableau.
In the Live Session, you will have three minutes to present your visualization and explain why you made the choices that you did.

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