Psychopathology for Clinical Social Work Case Study.

Assignment: Case Study #1

This Case Study requires two separate submissions. The paper you are submitting here is to be a large scenario with all of the information discussed below and should not include a diagnosis in the main paper.

You will then submit both the large scenario case narrative and a one-page summary with the assessment and DSM-5 diagnosis to the instructor in the Module 8 Assignment- One Page Summary.

Please read the instructions below regarding the content for this assignment. The first narrative will be of an individual with two diagnoses excluding personality disorders. The case studies will include family history, medical history, developmental history, lifetime history of all psychiatric symptoms, legal history, social history, and educational history, current presenting symptoms, current living situation, social support systems, assets, and liabilities. The case must be developed and presented as a narrative and contain all the elements necessary for a competent clinician to provide a DSM diagnosis.

The case should be between 5 and 8 double-spaced pages in length. The case narrative should be written in plain language, avoiding the use of technical terms. In short, the case narrative should sound like a client narrative.

See example case studies below (*THEY ARE ATTACHED)

Assignment: Case Study #1 Summary and Paper

This is the second submission of Case Study #1. After completing the case narrative (that does not include a diagnosis), write a one-page summary of the assessment and DSM-5 Diagnosis. Submit both the case summary and the case narrative to this assignment submission.

Your grade for this activity will apply to the case summary, however you are required to upload both the summary and the narrative.

DSM-5 must be used as a source. There can be one be more than one source if you need.

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