Your paper must include the following elements:

The topic you are planning to focus on for the final project

Choose a topic that is workable, reasonably simple to consider, and something of interest to you.

Remember that research proposals that ask questions about diagnosable mental health disorders, suicide, or abuse of any kind will not be allowed, as these topics may be triggering for some students.

A list of search terms related to your topic that you plan to use to find peer-reviewed articles for your final project
Using Shapiro Library’s electronic databases will yield your best results.

A preliminary research question based on your chosen topic
It is understood that your research question will likely change and evolve as you read the literature on your topic, but it is important to have a research question to guide your reading.

Note that you will receive feedback from your instructor in this milestone along with Milestones Two and Three. This feedback will guide your research question.

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