Story Analysis on The Tell-Tale Heart.

Paper 1: Story analysis (1,500 – 1,750
First paragraph and thesis: February 15
First draft and workshop: February 22
Final: Feb 28th
1. Choose Story: Story chosen by student : The Tell Tale Heart by Edgard Allen Poe
Read the story carefully and attentively. What are the parts of this narrative’s system
(plot, character, setting, conflict, narrative point of view, etc)? What do you
think is the most interesting thing about this story? Why?
a. Note: when scholars analyze texts,
they tend to focus either on structural elements or individual and
social problems (imbalances of power, conflicts of race, class, gender,
sexuality, politics, values). If these possible topics don’t really attract
you, you might be more interested in how historical context affects the
text—what was going on in the author’s world (politics, society, art,
science/medicine) that might have influenced the author in creating the story?
The audience at that time? You as a reader now?
carefully considering your story, offer your own interpretation about some
aspect of the text in the form of a thesis. In other words, you must make a
claim at the end of your first paragraph that you then spend the duration of
the essay proving by way of textual evidence and close analysis. Integral to
your thesis should be the question: So what? Why does your
interpretation of the story matter? How does it affect our understanding
of it?
4. You should incorporate at least 3
elements into your analysis, and avoid
summary whenever possible.
some research and find at least 2
secondary sources that help you develop your ideas more fully. Your sources
must be scholarly in nature—I will not accept Wikipedia, CliffNotes,
Sparknotes, or other similar websites. Your 2 sources should be explicitly about
to your story/author. Should you include more than 2 secondary sources,
additional references can be about related topics/concerns (e.g.: a history of
hysteria as a diagnosis, Puritan influences in early America, etc.). To find
sources, consult our library’s research guide. If you are still having
difficulty finding appropriate sources, chat with a librarian or go to the Writing Center.
sources can’t take the place of your own analysis, but they can provide you
with evidence to support your own ideas.
a. Another option: you can summarize
the source’s main point and then respond to it—agree, disagree, modify or
modify it, using both the short story and the source as evidence and example.
7. You must use MLA to document your
sources—and use a guide to check that you’ve done your citations correctly. Do
not guess. As you incorporate your sources (both the short story and the
secondary sources), make sure you cite everything. Whether you paraphrase or
quote, cite in the body of the essay and in a list of sources at the end. For
help, consult Purdue
can find a rubric for grading this paper on Blackboard.
Take note:
essay that is missing any parenthetical citations within the text and/or is
missing a works cited page risks being accused of plagiarism. You will be required
to revise the essay and you will be subject to a substantial penalty even after
this revision. Papers that do not meet the length requirement will be subject
to a penalty of at least 5 points per every ~150 words short. Review the policy
regarding late papers on page 2 of the syllabus. Please also see page 2 of the
syllabus for how I would like written work formatted.

Written Work: All papers should be written using the newest MLA style guide. Each of
the major papers requires in-text citations and a Work(s) Cited page. The
obligatory Work(s) Cited pages are never included in the word count. Works
cited pages are unnecessary for discussion board posts. Essays should be
formatted as follows: 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font,
double-spaced, with page numbers and a title. Please remove the space Word automatically places between paragraphs. There should only be one space
after periods. Each new paragraph should be indented one half-inch by hitting
the Tab key, even if it is only a single line of dialogue. Use italics
throughout your essay for the titles of longer works and quotation marks for
shorter works.
AI Statement: AI
content generation tools (such as ChatGPT, etc…) are not permitted for any
work, or phase of work, in this class. Using them may interfere with your
progress as an independent thinker and your achievement of the course’s

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