Summarize your findings from your one day food tracking analysis.

Part I
For 1 day, record each item you eat and drink and how much of it (e.g., cups, ounces, or tablespoons). Set up an account on Spark America and “Join the Movement”. Once you have created your account > Go to your Dashboard>Tools & Trackers > Food Tracker >Enter Food into Tracker. After inputting all of your items for 1 day (including snacks), access Analyze Results and include your Screenshot
Summarize your findings from your one day food tracking analysis. Be sure to discuss the nutrients within range of your goals and out of your range and discuss goals for improvement to your caloric intake.
Include a screenshot of your one day Spark America analysis.
Part II
Complete the following body composition and flexibility labs.
BMI calculator
BMI comparison chart
Waist to height ratio calculator
Waist to hip ratio
Sit and reach flexibility at home
In a minimum 2-page APA-formatted informative paper, discuss the following:
The results of all three body composition labs. Compare your results to others in your cohort.
Goals relevant to your results
How Part I compares with Part II
Whether your caloric intake is preventing you from reaching your weight (loss/gain/maintenance) goals
Where you could make changes
The consequences of obesity and the role of diet and exercise in the promotion of good health
Your flexibility results
The effects of obesity on flexibility and low back pain
Your written work should be highly developed and include a sustained viewpoint and purpose.

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