Using the Naysayer-explain the position of the naysayer,

First, to complete this assignment, read chapter 6 of TSIS: “Skeptics May Object: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text” (77-89).
Second, write down a sentence that captures the main view you hold about parenting, the sentence that may even be your thesis statement for Essay Three.

Write that down as a complete but separate sentence.
Finally, for this assignment, below that sentence, compose a polished academic paragraph (5-8 or more sentences) in which you
a) introduce a naysayer using a template from pages 82 or 83,
b) explain the position of the naysayer, and
c) “answer the objection” using a template from page 89.
You might consider using this paragraph in your Essay Three as the paragraph before your conclusion.
The paragraph will be graded according to the following:
A clear and reasonably well-developed naysayer position;
Effective use of a template to “entertaining a naysayer” (pp 82-83);
A clear and effective response to the naysayer position;
Effective use of a template to answering the naysayer (p. 89);
Precise use of effective sentence structure and word choice.

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