What are 2 recent real-life events related to this TED talk and in what specific ways do they relate to the TED talk?

Week 3 Assignment: Worldviews & Culture
For this assignment, you will be writing a reflection paper on one of the TED talks listed below. In the assignment, reflect on the effect of multicultural psychology on your assumptions and knowledge about the role of culture or your everyday interactions with others from a different cultures, religions, or socio-economic groups. While portions of the reflection are subjective, the paper should be an integration of your experience and scholarly research.

Jackson Bird: How to talk (and listen) to transgender people
Jennie Chang and Lisa Dazols: This is what LGBT life is like around the world
Alice Dreger: Is anatomy destiny?
Kakenya Ntaiya: A girl who demanded school
Norman Spack: transgender teens become who they want to be
iO Tillet Wright: Fifty shades of gay
After choosing and watching one of the TED talks, develop your paper addressing each of the bullets below:
What does the speaker’s experience mean to you?
What are 2 recent real-life events related to this TED talk and in what specific ways do they relate to the TED talk?
Define 5 psychological theories related to the TED talk and explain in detail how they specifically relate to the TED talk.
What have you learned from the TED talk?
How might the experience affect your daily thinking, actions, and interactions?
What are 3 specific areas in your life that are opportunities for future growth or engagement based on the 5 theories you discussed in this paper?
Work should be submitted in a Word document (doc. or docx.) or other compatible word processing document (.rtf), and be 3 to 4 pages in length, excluding the required title, abstract, and reference pages.
Scholarly sources should be cited both in-text and on the reference page of the submission. A minimum of 8 academic, scholarly sources are required to be cited in the work, 6 of which MUST be peer-reviewed journal articles. Course materials may not be used to meet the peer-reviewed journal article requirement.
Submissions should be formatted per APA standards. Headings are required throughout the submission. For assistance and resources on APA formatting style, refer to the APA manual, and you may also contact the APUS library and/or the APUS writing center. *Note: the APA manual is the definitive source and guide for APA style; you may consult other sources, but that will not necessarily prevent a loss of points for incorrect/missing APA requirements.
The basic parts of a paper should be included and clearly identifiable as listed below:
A title page
An abstract that succinctly summarizes your paper
An introduction section (with a precise thesis statement whose layout is followed throughout the rest of the paper)
The body of the paper with clear, discernable headings
A conclusion that restates the thesis and summarizes the major points of the entire paper
A reference page

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