What are some of the writing practices that you currently use?

Part 1: For your initial post, reflect on your habits as a writer. What are some of the writing practices that you currently use? How frequently do you write? Do you try to finish all of your projects in one writing session, or do you space out your writing into small chunks? Identify one writing practice that you would like to change or improve. Be specific.

Here are some writing practices that students in previous courses have tried. Notice that these practices are specific, manageable, and feasible.

“I’m going to try to write for 15 minutes every day for two weeks.”
“For my next assignment, I’m going to write about something that’s really personal instead of just writing topics that I think will help me pass a course.”
“I just want to learn how use a stupid comma. I hate commas. I feel like I can never figure them out even though I’ve really tried.”
“I want to listen to music while I write to make it feel more relaxing.”

Part 2: Responde to Corey: As a student, I typically engage in writing tasks regularly, especially when working on assignments, essays, or research papers. However, I often find myself procrastinating and leaving most of the writing until close to the deadline. This habit can lead to stress and rushed work, impacting the quality of my writing. Therefore, one writing practice I would like to change or improve is to start my writing projects earlier and break them down into smaller, manageable chunks. Instead of trying to finish everything in one session, I aim to set aside dedicated time each day, even if it’s just 15 minutes, to make progress on my writing tasks. By spacing out my writing sessions and working consistently, I believe I can produce better-quality work and reduce the last-minute rush.

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