What are the benefits for the alternative treatment of depression with psilocybin compared to traditional pharmacological approaches?

This could be a part of the Abstract: How are psychedelic drugs related to the treatment of depression? Firstly, the World Health Organization describes depression as a common mental health disorder, associated with low mood and anhedonia. The levels of depression started rising rapidly, and it is suggested that it will be the leading cause of disability globally by the year 2030. So far, there have been patients that have not made any progress with the conventional treatments, such as different types of talking therapies, antidepressant medications etc. This project will focus on the administration of psilocybin, a psychedelic compound as an alternative treatment for depression. Studies show that they may have beneficial effects. Findings demonstrated that after administering a small amount psilocybin, a reduction in depressive symptoms was seen. Further clinical trials and research are needed to discover in depth the benefits but also whether it is a safe approach, if there are any side effects in the long term of use, if the results can be generalized to a wider range and also whether the treatment is more effective when combined with another treatment, e.g. combination with psychotherapy. Overall, the focus will be on understanding the effects psilocybin has on the treatment of depression.

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