What are the characteristics of German expressionism cinema?

What are the characteristics of German expressionism cinema?
Follow the attached prompt for the essay as stated, include every detail, and follow the instructions extremely closely. To complete this essay answer question #2 , YOU MUST WATCH THE MOVIE ” Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927) “. When referring to the scenes of the movie, you must provide timestamps in this format (Title of Movie hh:mm:ss) when referring to the scenes.

PLEASE follow the directions in the attached document precisely as stated! Only accept this order if you are confident that you can receive an A grade on this essay.

Movie Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_4no842TX8

Question: 2. When speaking about his 1927 sci-fi film Metropolis
much later in his life, director Fritz Lang reportedly said that he was “very
interested in machines” at the time he made the film. Does Lang’s film portray
machines in a positive, negative or an ambivalent light? How do machines in Metropolis
impact labor and labor organization, the city’s workers, its social hierarchy,
politics, and gender relations? Please discuss with reference to 1-2 scenes

from the movie.

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