What are the three main criminological theory paradigms, according to research papers?

In this final assignment, you will be conducting your own research on three theories of your choice discussed in the text. Specifically, you will want to be sure to include at least two perspectives from Chapter 3: Explaining the Will to Kill. You may also include an additional perspective from any other chapter related to specific types of killers. Either way, you need at least two from Chapter 3, which is more targeted toward general criminological theory.

Once you have researched the theories and some real-life examples that provide good illustrations of the theories, you will do the following in a PowerPoint presentation.

•Explain your three criminological theories. 3 slides
Do the theories you chose hold up under scrutiny? Are they valid? Provide a critique of each
theory here. 3 slides
•Connect (apply) those theories to real-world incidents and scenarios. 6 slides
• Provide a summary/conclusion(s). 1 slide

The required source for this assignment is “The Will to Kill: Making Sense of Senseless Murder” 5th Edition
by James Alan Fox, Jack Levin, and Kenna Quinet

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