What are the two most common types of managed care organizations?

What are the two most common types of managed care organizations?
The government plays a major role in the healthcare arena. Through its own government-sponsored healthcare coverage, the government ensures that those who are most vulnerable, such as the elderly, children, and those in low-income populations, have access to healthcare services. The government has partnered with managed care organizations as well as created mandates and enacted laws to better serve healthcare consumers and to manage healthcare expenditures.

For this assignment, write a 4-5-page paper that addresses the following:
Explain how the government has included managed care in its coverage plans.
Describe at least one provision in the Affordable Care Act that you believe impacts the quality of care that healthcare providers render.
Explain the purpose of value-based reimbursement and who it impacts.
Discuss one example of how the government and managed care organizations work to control healthcare costs.
Explain whether you believe the government’s role in healthcare should increase, decrease, or remain as is.
Discuss whether you believe the type of healthcare coverage someone has (Medicaid, United Healthcare, Blue Cross, etc.) dictates the type of care that person receives.
Explain one thing, approach, or concept you believe is missing from healthcare delivery as it stands today.
Use a minimum of 3 scholarly resources, with at least 2 from the Rasmussen library.
Include at least 3 in-text citations.
Use proper APA format.

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