What can the epic of Gilgamesh tell us about the society in which it was popular?

Length – around 4-6 typewritten, double-spaced
Should have a clearly organised structure,
including introduction, arguments that lead on from one another in a clear
sequence and a conclusion.
Should be written in clear, conventional
English, with attention to spelling, conventional punctuation etc.
Should use quotations from primary texts (e.g. Gilgamesh) to back up arguments and
assertions. Short quotations (no more than a couple of sentences) are more
effective than long ones and you will be penalised for filling up your paper
with huge chunks of quotation.
Should use at least two secondary texts.
For every website you cite, unless you are using
academic articles from databases of academic articles published electronically,
cite one secondary source in printed book form. Please include the full address
of any websites used. When using electronic material, consider the source – is
this written by an expert in the field for college students and beyond or is it
actually for middle school children? Be critical and cautious. Wikipedia and
similar sites are great for an overview and for an initial search for secondary
reading but do not count as a
scholarly source in themselves.

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