What did you learn about in the slide lectures that you found most intriguing?

OVERVIEW: Yes, this is a class about what you can do with digital skills and image-making, but it is also a history class. Digital is new and the now, but it is also the past, and the past is present. We should learn historical precedent and antecedents because it gives us perspective and understanding, inspiration and motivation. And, as the American Historical Association says, history “harbors beauty.” Human beings have the ability to not just live in the moment. We can, in a very real sense, live in the future (more about that later), and in the past. Assignment #3 is based on the readings from our Art 1450 “Digital Art & Design: An Introduction” eBook, the focus of this assignment being Chapter 2 – “Pioneers of Digital Art and Design”
antecedent n. / an(t)əˈsēdnt / 1. a thing or event that existed before or logically precedes another.
pioneer n. / pī uh ‘nir / 1. a person who is the first to use or apply a new method, area of knowledge, or activity.
TO DO: ONE (1) textbook-based writing assignment, and you also need to read TWO (2) slide lectures (Parts 2 and 3). The due date is Monday, so very soon, but there is NO discussion board this time. The slide lectures are simply PDFs.
NOTE: Some of the material from this and every chapter you are assigned will be tested on the final exam, so read thoroughly. The final mostly covers the slide lectures.
DIRECTIONS: What should you do to successfully complete this assignment?
First: READ Chapter 2. You do not have to read about and should skip over the sections on “Edward Tufte,” “Paula Scher,” “Ivan Edward Sutherland,” and “Nicholas Negroponte” in Chap. 2.
Second: READ the two (2) slide lectures located in the ‘Modules’ area of our course site.
LOCATE them under ‘Slide Lectures (Parts 1-5).’ CLICK on “Pt. 2 – NUMBERS & DATASETS,” and “Pt. 3 – HISTORY OF THE COMPUTER.” (Link below at the end of this assignment text.)
Third: Below, PREVIEW the questions for the chapter that should be used as a guide for understanding the reading:
> Chapter 2 – Pioneers of Digital Art
1. Which of the “computing creatives” did you find most interesting? Note: You should choose two (2) of these individuals.
2. What did you learn about them and their contributions that surprised you?
3. What questions do you have now that you know more about these individuals?
4. What did you learn about in the slide lectures that you found most intriguing?

Fourth: Given your reading and note-taking on Chapter 3, please COMPOSE an essay of at least 225 words that addresses your responses to the questions above. Please include responses to all questions. Do not allow your response to exceed 400 words.
Again, Please do not use AI-generated writing assists (more on Artificial Intelligence later in the term). There are no wrong answers, really, and I want to hear YOUR thoughts in YOUR VOICE, so there is not much point to using ChatGPT, etc., anyway.
Please be sure to carefully structure your essay so the reader (me) is very clearly aware which chapter and which question you are addressing. An outline above might well serve as a model for your longer essays.
Finally: SUBMIT your written response through this assignment.
Advice: Re-read the assignment before submitting your work. Be certain to carefully edit your essay before submitting it to Canvas. Please break your essay up into appropriate paragraphs.
All essays are due to be submitted to Canvas by the date and time listed: 11:59 p.m. ET, WEDNESDAY, Feb. 28. A late assignment will receive a 15-point grade deduction.

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