What does a Symbol (Symbols) illustrate about the American Psyche?

ENG 112-H3 Composition II Honors Professor Skillings
Major Paper 2
Topic: Symbolism of the American Psyche
What does a Symbol (Symbols) illustrate about the American Psyche? Focus on the ideals, the hopes, and the reality.
DUE: Wednesday, March 6 – 2024
– 2 Spacing; 12 font; Times New Roman; Staple multiple pages
Use the same Heading structure as in Paper 1.
Symbols: In your writing you will have to use examples of works of Art and/or Music to discuss the symbolism of the American Psyche. For example, what is the deeper meaning of the symbolism of the river or the sky in Emanuel Leutze’s painting of “Washington Crossing the Delaware” or the significance of religious tone and imagery in Julia Ward Howe’s “The Battle Hymn of the Republic?”
In discussing works of Art and/or Music, you will have to insert images into the paragraphs (text) of your paper, and provide links to the music that you may be discussing.
Structure: I want each of you to make the decisions of how to structure this second major paper. As Honors students, you can make your own logical and creative decisions on the structure: the number of paragraphs and how many sentences to go into each paragraph. You definitely must have a strong introductory method in the paper, as well as a sense of conclusion and importance at the end.
Secondary Sources: You should have at least three strong secondary sources that give interesting critical information on the symbolism as seen in the art and/or the music that you discuss.
I am using Emanual Leutze’s painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” in my Essay Model. so don’t use that one.

More Instructions to Follow. Get started early.

In Major Paper 2, I will illustrate the American Psyche through William Tylee Ranney’s painting “Marion Crossing the Peede” (1851) and John Dickinson’s song “The Liberty song”(1768), I will also use poets, historians, and such. My theme would be the process of America’s fight to freedom and liberty.

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