What does this source tell us about the construction of race in America?

Rewrite this Essay Using any 2 Primary sources from chapter 1 to 14 from those available in YAWP: https://www.americanyawp.com/
*** Primary sources can be found at the end of every chapter of YAWP under the heading “Primary Sources.” Use quotes from these primary sources and then analyze what they mean. How do these quotes support your argument? Cite your sources within the paper and with a works cited list at the end of the paper.
Here is the prompt: What does this source tell us about the construction of race in America?
Your paper should include the following elements:
Include the context for one of the two the source – when it was written, who wrote it, what events it relates to in history.
Quotes from that source – pick out parts of the source that relate to the prompt question. (If you use an image, you should describe specific parts of that image)
Analysis of the quotes – explain what the quotes you chose mean, especially relating to the prompt question
In one or two paragraph, bring in a second primary source from YAWP and talk about how it relates to the first source and the prompt. Use quotes and provide analysis to show how what the second author is says relates to the arguments of your main source.
Citations – footnotes and a bibliography.
Primary Source Analysis Guidelines:
Make sure to focus on the question you are answering but also think about the following analytic questions:
Who is the author/creator of the source? What is their point of view?
What are the main points/ideas of the source?
Who is the intended audience of the source?
How does the author craft their information for their intended audience? What message(s) are they trying to send?
What is happening in the time and place where the source was written? How does the source fit into the broader context?

How does the author understanding the issue they are writing about?
How do you view what the author is saying?
Answer the prompt: Your paper needs answer one of the questions posed
Evidence: Your paper should use evidence from the source to defend your answer to the prompt
Analysis: How well you explain the reasons your evidence and how it relates to the prompt
Organization: Your paper should be clearly organized so the reader can follow your analysis and thought process
Clarity: Your paper should be clearly written
***The parts that I highlight in yellow is the part that needed to rewite using Primary Sources because I was using the textbook to write so you can delete it. But just choose 2 Primary sources and write based on the introduction.
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