What factors or considerations are important to you when planning for retirement?

This assignment is made up of 2 parts. Please follow the directions carefully for each part. You will be providing your own answers to the questions in Part 1 as well as interviewing someone who is at or near retirement using the same questions. Please use complete sentences for the responses.
Part 1 Interview Questions: Start by including some demographic information about yourself and your interviewee at the beginning of your paper. In a question and answer format, provide your responses to the questions below. Then include the responses of your interviewee. All responses should be written in complete sentences.
How do you envision your retirement phase? What are your hopes and expectations for this period?
What factors or considerations are important to you when planning for retirement?
How do you perceive the concept of retirement? Is it a time of rest and relaxation or an opportunity for new beginnings and pursuits?
What are some of the emotions or thoughts that come to mind when you think about retiring from your current occupation?
Have you thought about the potential challenges or adjustments you might face during retirement? How do you plan to address or cope with them?
What role does financial planning play in your retirement aspirations? How confident are you in your financial preparedness for this phase of life?
How do you anticipate spending your time during retirement? Are there specific activities or hobbies you plan to pursue?
What impact do you think retirement will have on your social connections and relationships? How do you plan to maintain or nurture those connections?
How do you think retirement will affect your sense of identity and purpose? Are there any concerns or uncertainties you have in this regard?
Have you sought advice or guidance from others who have already experienced retirement? If so, what were some of the insights or lessons you gained from their experiences?
Part 2 Reflection: After reviewing the 2 interviews, reflect on the similarities as well as the differences in the responses.

Relate the responses to what you have learned about development in late adulthood by supporting your writing with information from our readings or other appropriate sources. Use at least 2 sources. Your reflection should be a minimum of 350 words.
Formatting for this assignment: create your assignment in a word document. Part 1 of your paper should be included in a question and answer format. Part 2 of your paper will be in paragraph form. Include APA formatted citations and a reference page for the sources used to support your reflection.

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