What feelings can you anticipate may surface for you?

DISCUSSION 9- SELF HARM AND OTHER NON- INTENTIONAL SUICIDAL BEHAVIOURIt can be shocking to notice a person’s self-harm injuries/scars. Your instinct may be to stare or express shock. But self harm is a sensitive topic that should be approached in a supportive way that promotes meaningful engagement.Discussion questions:How would you engage a client that has recently self-harmed? What might you say? What might you do?Its not uncommon that self harm may trigger discomfort or a strong emotional reactions in a helping professional. What feelings can you anticipate may surface for you? How might you manage this?Click this link https://onlinelearning.confederationcollege.ca/articulate/CD230/Unit9/story_html5.html275 words and 2 references. PleaseAlso go through the rubric DISCUSSION 10- The risk of violence and safe working practicesMr X is in his late 60’s who was released after consecutive terms of imprisonment totalling 19 years.

He had been convicted of serious historical sexual offences against children and had been in total denial of the situation throughout his sentence and had not worked with any offending behaviour programmes. He was estranged from his family and had physical and mental health issues. Careful planning went into managing Mr X’s release. He was directed to live at an Approved Premises (probation hostel) with a specialism in dealing with people with mental health issues. Additional conditions were put in place including restricting his movements through daily reporting and curfew times.How likely would you think that Mr. X is to re-offend? Why? Back up your response with learning from Unit 10.Click this link to view the learning unit https://onlinelearning.confederationcollege.ca/articulate/CD230/Unit10/story_html5.html275 words with 2 references. Kindly check through the rubric.

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