What impacts or implications can you describe about this area.

Instructions: In Module 9, we introduced the assessment technique of language sampling (see this page here as a reminder 9.4.5 Assessing Developing Language Skills: Language Samples). Using this method to collect your data, decide the context of the communication sample you will elicit with your learner, and also how you will plan for and support your learner to engage in the communication interaction. You will then transcribe your sample and use any of the analysis techniques introduced during the course, or any other technique you have investigated, to analyse the communication in the sample. Summarise your findings under one or two of the language subsystems of pragmatics, semantics, syntax, morphology and phonology. In your analysis, include reference to the relevant academic literature and to the communication sample to guide your discussion. Make sure that you highlight both the strengths and the needs demonstrated by the child across the language subsystems you have described and the ways these impact on the communication you observe in the sample. Length: 2500 words Case Study Guide: Remember to cover the FOUR main aspects of the case study. Including: 1. Identifying the area/s you are focusing on. Why is it important?

What impacts or implications can you describe about this area. Use the academic literature to support your ideas. 2. Identify the measurement technique/s you will use. Why is it an appropriate measurement? What is the information or outcomes it will give you? What does the academic literature say about its use and impact? Remember that one of your measurements is the use of a communication sample. 3. Using the measurement tool/s, and engaging with your sample, what did you find out about the language / communication of your case study? Put the records of your thinking and your results in the appendices and talk about the patterns of strength and challenge in your case study discussion. 4. Summarise your findings and talk about what you found overall. What do your results say about the area your are focusing on for your case study? Can you compare your observations and findings with what is reported in the academic literature for the age / diagnosis / level of development of the case study child or young person? What does it mean for their overall communicative competence?

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