What is your purpose for enrolling in the program?

Assessment Descriiption
Once you have earned your education degree from GCU, you may still need to obtain certification or an endorsement from your state’s department of education to become a professional certified educator in a specific content area. Thus, it is important that you become familiar with your state’s requirements for certification or an endorsement and make sure you are monitoring those frequently.

As an example, in Arizona, you will have to complete an application for certification, show a valid Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) Fingerprint Clearance card, provide official transcriipts, and passing scores on content and/or professional knowledge exams. Once you have your certificate, be sure to also check for any applicable deficiencies and work towards completing those additional requirements. A standard teaching certificate in AZ is valid for a set period of time and certain requirements must be met to renew the certificate. These may include professional development or semester hours of education courses. Teacher candidates who reside in states other than Arizona or who plan to teach in a state other than Arizona should review the specific requirements for their respective state’s department of education to determine the requirements for state certification/endorsement and pay particular attention to any exam requirements in your state.

What is your purpose for enrolling in the program? Access your state’s department of education website from the “State Requirements” document, located in topic Resources. Describe the requirements needed when applying for certification, recertification, or endorsement for the state you live in, including how long these are valid. What career goals would you like to accomplish by earning your degree, consider if there are any other requirements needed to accomplish your career goals. Are there specific jobs or positions that align to these career goals and your degree?

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