What strikes you about the Talent Management practices of KEF?

The case provides participants the opportunity to study a unique program (Kaivalya Education Foundation KEF) of
talent development. Though the organisation works in the social sector, the learning and generalisations about talent
management are equally applicable across all sectors. The design and implementation of the Gandhi Foundation (GF)
program is highly innovative and it is possible to draw generalisations about talent management practices from
analysing the working of the program.

The case will help achieve following outcomes related to talent management:
• Building robust and innovative talent management systems
• Creating learning processes that are transformational in nature
• Integrating hands on learning with continuous reflection
• Challenges that arise in managing a highly talented group

Case Questions:
1. Why you think Talent Management is important for an organisation?
2. What strikes you about the Talent Management practices of KEF?
3. As learnt about Talent Management in this unit, how you would have designed and implemented the GF program
4. What are the challenges in managing talent for non-profits and social enterprises?
Develop a professional case report based on the case questions provided (follow format of a standard Academic

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