What topics, themes, or elements do you see in Einhard’s and Notker’s texts that connect to the assigned, weekly primary sources that we have read in this course?

HIS 3360A Paper 1: Two Lives of Charlemagne Paper Instructions

The Paper Assignment:

What topics, themes, or elements do you see in Einhard’s and Notker’s texts
that connect to the assigned, weekly primary sources that we have read in this
course? Use specific examples to show how the themes in these texts are
connected to the themes we have seen emerge in the primary sources we have
read from Late Antique and early medieval European society.

There is a general introduction at the beginning of the book and then individual
introductions before Einhard’s and Notker’s texts. Those are all good to read
because they help you understand the source, but when you look for evidence to
support your argument you should use the actual texts by Einhard and Notker (not
the introductions written by modern scholars).
Be sure to use the Penguin Classics edition of this book (paperback or ebook).

This paper must be a minimum of 900 words (that comes out to about three doublespaced pages in 12-point Times New Roman). Papers that do not meet the minimum
word requirement will fail the assignment.

The paper is due Friday, March 1 by 5:00 PM, and should be uploaded to the “Paper
1: Two Lives of Charlemagne” assignment on the class Canvas site.
Be sure to format
your paper either as a Word document or a PDF.

This paper will count for 13% of your course grade.
Please take the time to spell-check and proofread your paper. This is a formal piece
of writing, so please avoid slang, contractions, and the first person. These elements
will have an impact on your grade.
Your paper must address the paper assignment. That means that in your paper you
must explicitly state an answer to the paper question and then provide evidence for
your answer.

Throughout the paper you should be making a clear, organized
This is not a research paper. The only materials you may use are those you have
been assigned in this class. Just to be clear, that means you cannot search for
materials for this paper on the internet.

All of your evidence should come from the
texts by Einhard and Notker in Two Lives of Charlemagne and the assigned primary
sources on Canvas.
You want the paper to be your own argument in your own words, so try to avoid
lengthy direct quotations.
We will use a modified version of parenthetical citation in this paper.

At the end of a sentence in which you have used a quotation, paraphrase, or
summary you should put the author’s name and page number in parentheses. So, a
sentence from your paper might look like this:
This is a sentence from your paper with a paraphrase of a document from the
book (Notker, 100).

Papers will be graded based on their clarity of argument, use of evidence,
organization, and quality of writing. The following list describes the grading scale
generally, but for more detail see the paper grading rubric posted on Canvas.

A= exceptional—insightful argument, well-chosen examples from throughout the
reading for every point, polished writing
B= good—clear argument, good examples for every point taken from throughout the
reading, carefully proofread
C= satisfactory—sufficient argument, some examples, few mistakes in writing
D= unsatisfactory—little argument, few/no examples, sloppy writing
F= unacceptable—doesn’t address the topic/meet minimum length requirements
Please remember that academic dishonesty of any sort will result in a zero for 150%
of the worth of the assignment.

If you have any doubts about what constitutes
academic dishonesty please talk to me immediately. Please remember that you may
not collaborate with your classmates or any other person on this assignment.
I will be happy to discuss your ideas about this paper in person, over email, or over
Zoom. I also will read a draft of your full paper if I receive it in time.

Note from Me about the Book Pages of Two Lives of Charlemagne by Einhard and Notker the Stammer (penguin classics). You NEED citations from this book. I will fail this paper if Ithere is no citations from this book and readings from the class.
Please email me @juliaporter65@gmail.com for the book pages. If you can’t find a PDF of the book the right book PLEASE email me.

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