Which communication strategies would be most effective for reaching this priority population?

Section I:

Offer a brief introduction that provides a very brief description of the old project and how it applied theory to deliver the project. (About one-half page.)

Section II:

Describe how the new theory is applied to create a new project at this agency. This section should state what the new theory or framework or model will be, and approximately four to six key concepts from the theory that will be applied to create a new project in that agency. (About two to three pages.)

Section III:

Contrast the old and new theories. For each theory contrast, illustrate these differences using the old project activities and your new project activities. Please consider three important differences and at least one similarity between the theories. (About two to three pages.)

If you are struggling to find important theoretical differences and a similarity between your old and new theory or model, maybe the following list will help.
This is from a table by Rothman (1996) in which he contrasts his 3 community organizing It may help to consider how the two theories deal with each of the following variables:
Assumptions about what is causing the problem
Basic change strategy (e.g., community infrastructure intrapersonal change)
Characteristic change tactics and techniques used mainly by the theory
The salient role of the practitioner (the health educator/health promotion person)
The medium typically used by this theory for change (e.g., counseling, small groups, mass media)
Who has the power to change the problem
Concept about who is the beneficiary
What will influence the beneficiary to change
Section IV:

How would you adapt this program for use with a priority

population that is different from what the agency may have addressed? Here are examples of priority populations to consider:

Asian Americans
Pacific Islanders
African American/Blacks
Indigenous people
Members of the LGBTQI
Which communication strategies would be most effective for reaching this priority population? Be specific about the communication strategies you would use as part of your new project activities.

Section V:

Provide a short conclusion that briefly summarizes the paper and provides your assessment about whether this new approach is an improvement or not and why it is or is not an improvement. (About one-half page.)


American Psychological Association (APA) format in text and in reference section at end of paper. For guidelines on APA format, see the PM501 SkillBuilder on Honor in Academia.

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