Write a 550-600-word film review for (Domain of the Calusa (2020) – documentary).

Part II. Read a published review of the film that you critiqued. Do an analysis where you compare your review with the one that you found.


Guidelines for film reviews:
1. Identify the film (title, year, director). Place the title in italics or quotation marks.
2. Summarize the main plot and identify the main characters (fiction film); summarize the goal of
the film and identify the narrator (if possible) for documentary film.
3. Analysis: provide your review of the film. Was it good, bad, mediocre, mixed review, etc.?
Expand on your reasons for arriving at that conclusion. Think of the acting, for example.

the characters convincing? Were there interesting plot twists? Was the documentary
informative? Include some of the filmmaking techniques used in the film (see the glossary linked
to the assignment).
4. Read a published review of the film. It can be from a newspaper (use the Rush library’s
database), or online from a site such as IMBD, Rotten Tomatoes, Roger Ebert, Amazon. Compare
your review to the one that you read (remember to indicate the name of the reviewer and the
newspaper or website where you found it). Are your reviews similar or are there points of

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