Write a Literary Analysis on “Maria, Maria” short stories.

Give the essay a meaningful title that engages the reader and indicates something meaningful about the essay
Include an introductory paragraph that indicates which option you will focus on and what your thesis is. Your thesis must include indication of subject and perspective/ opinion, and your thesis must unify your paper.
Include a body section of the paper with 3 or more paragraphs that start with clear topic sentences, each related to your thesis.
Body paragraphs will also include textual support (quotes and examples from Rubio’s work) as well as commentary (your analysis and thoughts) that fleshes out each of your topic sentences. A good guideline is to have at least 3 instances of textual support per body paragraph (and be sure to analyze each!)
A concluding paragraph with remind the reader of the thesis and expand on the overall significance of the paper/ thesis.
Writing will be clear, with few errors (coherence).
The essay will be focused on the thesis and stay on topic (unity).
The structure and organization will be logical and easy to follow. Transitions will be used to guide the reader.
The style of writing will be appropriate to an academic setting but still draw on your unique voice as a writer.

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