Write a paper discussing Interest Groups.

Interest Groups are made up of like minded people that seek to influence public policy on the basis of a particular common interest or concern. Interest groups have a huge impact on the election process and public opinion. Some interest groups have millions of members and can raise large amounts of money and use that money to persuade voters. For this assignment I am asking that you choose one interest group (it is your choice) and find the following information about your respective group:

• The name of your interest group
• Central issue your group is focused on
• Total membership of your group
• How does your group impact the election process and greater political debate in our nation? Specifically does your group support one political party’s message or candidates that run for office from a particular political party? You can also cite what type of voters your group would seek to influence.

Please answer the above bulleted points in a one paragraph reflection. I have also listed some interest groups for you as examples in case you need some direction.

• NRA – National Rifle Association
• AMA – American Medical Association
• NEA – National Education Association (Teachers)
• Moms Demand Action – Gun Control Group
• American Trial Lawyers Association
• ANA – Arkansas Nurses Association
• Chamber of Commerce – Pro Business
• AFL-CIO – Labor Unions (Teamsters, IBEW)
• Right to Life – Anti-Abortion
• MADD –Mothers Against Drunk Driving
• NARAL Pro Choice America – Pro Abortion
• AARP – Retired Persons
• NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
• Sierra Club (Environmental)

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