Write a paper on exploring the quality of life among hemodialysis patients.

Write a paper on exploring the quality of life among hemodialysis patients.***Ive attached the journal I chose for my manuscript.
**My topic is Exploring the quality of life among hemodialysis patients***
CanIt is time for you to prepare the complete manuscript. You will add the substance of your essay (opinions), Discussion, Implications, and Conclusions to your manuscript. At this point you should prepare the manuscript using the author guidelines for the journal you selected as your first choice. If that journal uses a format other than APA, you must use the journal format instead of APA.
You should also prepare an abstract of the manuscript and attach to the manuscript at this point. If your selected journal requires an abstract, follow those guidelines. Otherwise, create an abstract of 150-250 words that summarizes the problem, purpose, background (literature review), essay, and implications for practice.
Journal’s Author Guidelines
Make a final decision about which journal you prefer for submission of your manuscript and prepare the manuscript according to that journal’s author guidelines.
Format this assignment using Microsoft Word or compatible word-processing application. The length of the paper should conform to the author guidelines in the journal you have selected for publication.
Follow the author guidelines explicitly, including the style for references and manuscript preparation.
Some author guidelines do not explicitly require an abstract or keywords; however, these are required for the assignment.
If not otherwise specified, use a structured abstract approach that is between 150 and 250 words. The structure includes these sections: Introduction (including problem, purpose, and background literature review), Essay text (opinions), and implications for practice.
Save a copy of the author guidelines as “last four numbers of CWID-authorGuidelines.” This will ensure your peer reviewer is unable to identify you.
Completing Your Manuscript
Complete your manuscript by adding the additional sources you identified in your expanded database search and submit along with the author guidelines.
Even though not required by all journals, you must address implications for practice and/or further study within the manuscript.
Edit your paper to match any special requests for manuscripts in the journals you chose
*** these are my sources**
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