Write a research paper about Topics typically covered include firm profiles, country economies, economic history (e.g., the financial crisis), and economic policy (e.g., social security).

Purpose: This assignment has multiple
purposes. It will help you develop important business skills, such as research,
independent work, and presentation; it will help strengthen your understanding
of an economic subject you find particularly interesting; and it will broaden our
knowledge through the presentations of other students.

Subject: Chosen from a list of
economics-related subjects created by you, with input from the instructor. Only
one student may cover a particular subject in each class. You should brainstorm
several possible subjects in case your favorite is chosen by someone else
first, or is otherwise not suited for the project.

Length: ~1500-2500 words (3-5 typed pages).

Research: At
least five reputable sources
must be cited, including at least one
from a peer-reviewed source. “Reputable” sources means respected media or
journal reports, and generally from sources without a material interest in the
subject. Not acceptable sources include aggregators, encyclopedias, or
information clearing-houses, and specifically Wikipedia, Investopedia, About.com,
or Yahoo are not acceptable as reputable sources. Also, don’t site search
engines, like EBSCO. Instead, cite articles or book titles. Any professional
citation style is acceptable, however “Online, n.p., n.d.,” is not
an acceptable citation.

Mechanics: The papers will not be graded on
mechanics (spelling, grammar, etc) unless mechanical problems are so persistent
as to reduce the paper’s readability. You may wish to show a rough draft of
your paper to the excellent Writing Tutoring Center in building 7 before

Credit: The paper is worth 80 points; the
paper presentation is worth 20 for a total of 100.

Plan: Develop a list of 3-5 potential
subjects to research; you will meet with the instructor to choose a subject
from your list that is well-suited to a research paper (see below); you will
check-in with the status of your research and writing during Week 6; papers
will be presented to the class during Week 9.

Class presentation: The 20 presentation points are awarded
based on an in-class 2-3 minute presentation of the main points of your term
paper. Media use is allowed, but not required. Questions are allowed.

Subject criteria: Good subjects for research papers
are not too general, like “Outsourcing,” but are also not too specific, like “Corporate
Marginal Tax Rates 1990-1992.” Try to come up with several topics you’d be
interested in enough to write a simple paper about. You should have at least two
potential subjects, in case your first choice is already taken by another
student. Common types of subjects include corporate profiles, country’s
economies, economic history like the finance crisis, or economic policy like
social security.

Grading: Papers will be graded on research,
use of citations, clearness of writing, and class presentation.

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