Write a research paper addressing the question, “What are some solutions to social problems?”

Write a research paper addressing the question, “What are some solutions to social problems?”Social Problem Background
Description (1 to 2 paragraphs) – 2 Points
Opinion (3-4 sentences) – 2 Points
Reactive Solution (3-4 paragraphs) – 7 Points
Proactive Solution (3-4 paragraphs) – 7 Points
Evaluation – (1 paragraph) 3 Points

Description – 1-2 paragraphs
State the social problem you are exploring.
What Qualifies as a Social Problem?
1. It should be something very specific. So for example instead of saying gender inequality you could talk about the wage gap between men and women.
2. It must meet the public problem criteria outlined in Lecture 1
Many people are effected
There is public debate with multiple sides on the issue
There is a desire for collective solutions
Now describe the social problem. In this section only, you can use up to 2 Internet sources outside this class.
Cite your sources in-text and in a works cited page.

Opinion – 3-4 sentences
Give your opinion on the social problem and explain why you feel this way.

Reactive Solution – 3-4 paragraphs
Give 1 reactive solution to your social problem in 2-3 sentences.
The rest of the 3-4 paragraphs should be using and citing 2 or more theories/terms from this class to defend this solution
Defend your solution using class concepts at the apply, analyze, evaluate, or create level of Bloom’s taxonomy (Note this is not a concept just a writing technique).
See D) Writing in Depth Using Class Concepts and the subsections for examples. I suggest you take the Extra Credit Writing in Depth Quiz to ensure you understand how to do this and to get some extra credit =).
Cite material from lessons, the textbook, and other course readings/videos
Not Accepted
Defining terms
Using outside sources
Including opinion

Proactive Solution – 3-4 paragraphs
Same directions as for reactive solution, but for a proactive solution.

Evaluation – 1-2 paragraphs
Imagine there are only resources to implement 1 of your solutions, discuss whether you would implement your proactive or reactive solution and why you would choose to implement this solution
Consider, cost, time, effectiveness, and practicality.
This section will be evaluation and creation level work of Bloom’s taxonomy
Links to an external site.
. For examples of what this style of writing looks like see the Writing Guide Section D. and the subsections for examples.

Works Cited
Cite extensively from the lecture, cite it as a website, 2 internet sources for the description section, and the textbook..

Resources on how to cite in-text
Links to an external site.
In a Works Cited Page
Resources on how to do the works cited page
Links to an external site.
. Be sure to click on the medium you are citing..

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