Write a research paper explaining more about Sex Trafficking.

Write a research paper explaining more about Sex Trafficking.Write a quick research paper assignment. I have all the work done. It just needs to be changed to a research paper and not a research proposal. This is the instruction->Your final paper must be written in Word, double-spaced, and should be about 5,000-6,000 words long , and must incorporate the following sections:

Introduction (2 pages aprox.), which must include (not necessarily in this order, other than the final paragraph):
context: some brief background information on your topic (why should we care?)
problem: your research problem/question/hypothesis
response: short summary of your findings and conclusions
a final paragraph which tells the reader what you will be doing in the rest of the paper (a “roadmap” for the paper)
Background section (2 pages aprox.)
This is where you can use primary and tertiary source material to flesh out the background on your topic. This section will be most similar to papers you’ve written in the past.
Why should we care about the general topic, and in particular about your research question?
Literature review (4-5 pages aprox.)
a summary of your secondary source material (how others have answered your question)
be sure to revise your original literature review
Methods section (2-3 pages), a revision of your first draft (hypothesis, theoretical framework, and research design)
Analysis section (7-8 pages).
Here you use primary, secondary or tertiary sources
Create tables if relevant to describe findings.
You may want to use interviews.

You can use secondary data (peer-review articles) if they provide empirical evidence.
Conclusion (2 pages):
restate your overall conclusions and briefly discuss what you’ve contributed to the literature
where did your research design succeed and/or fail? (remember, it’s OK if your hypothesis is falsified, but you need to reflect upon this issue and discuss it; address limitations of your research)
References cited (do not count towards word/page count)
APA style
10 sources minimum
at least 8 academic pier-reviewed sources (secondary sources)
at least 2 additional sources (primary or tertiary sources) Research paper. The final assessment will be a written original senior thesis. We will work on drafts of sections of your paper throughout the semester. In your senior thesis you will answer a research question, test a hypothesis, explain how the data you obtained supports or not that hypothesis, and you will also explain the limitations of your research and explain what type of additional research could be done in the future to appropriately test your hypothesis. You cannot submit a paper (or a version of it) that has been used for written assignments in other courses. It must be an original (new) research. Many of you will want to continue working on topics that you have studied over the years. You may draw on past research (max. 30%) as you draft your work, but the majority has to be new writing. At the end of the semester you will submit your final senior thesis that must be between 5,000-6,000 words, double-spaced (plus references).

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