Write a research paper on a U.S. Constitutional amendment.

You will write a research paper on a U.S. Constitutional amendment. You are allowed to pick any amendment from the Constitution, except the first amendment which we will cover in class in detail. In your essay, you must address these questions;

1. Why was the amendment you chose added to the Constitution? (give the history of your amendment and why it was necessary)
2. What year was your amendment added? (from start to finish, give all the dates/years of importance for your amendment)
3. Were there any obstacles in getting your amendment ratified in Congress and/or the states? (Did Congress debate the issue extensively? Did state legislatures? Was the amendment easily passed by Congress and/or the states? A mix of both?)
4. What have been the long-lasting impacts of this amendment? (Why is the amendment still relevant today? Have there been any recent Supreme Court cases involving your amendment? )
5. Should/can your amendment be amended to form a more perfect union? (Is there a way to improve on this amendment? Is it great/good just the way it is?)

Your paper has a 5-page maximum. Please use 1.5 or double spacing. You must also include a cover page and sources page, I will not accept your work if you do not include both. Your cover page must include this information:

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