Write a research paper on the following topic: What makes a good synthesis paper?

Write a research paper on the following topic: What makes a good synthesis paper?This week’s assignment is to write your Synthesis Paper.

Make sure you follow the template document attached to this assignment to ensure you are correctly using APA requirements in your document.

Assignment Description:

Review, summarize, analyze, and evaluate a scholarly article based on the concepts and principles covered in this course to compose a Synthesis Paper.

You are highly encouraged to work with the Writing Lab to refine your work. If you choose to use their services and receive feedback, take the time to incorporate it into your paper and then submit your final draft for grading to your instructor using the link provided for the Week 7 Assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

See specific instructions above in the pdf file.

Write a 500-600 word critical review of the attached article: TLSL Article – Stone Russell Patterson 00-292 Revised.pdf.
The first portion of your review should consist of a summary of the authors’ main point, or thesis? Look at the author’s points of evidence, organization, and overall method for presenting this information.
The second portion of the review should consist of your analysis and evaluation of their argument (Do not begin to analyze and evaluate until you have first summarized their argument and noted their methodology). Did the authors effectively communicate their thesis? Why or why not? You will not be required to include outside sources for this portion of the paper, but you can if you wish.

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