Write a research paper on the topic, “Is Durkheim’s Division of Labour Still Relevant Today?”

Write a research paper on the topic, “Is Durkheim’s Division of Labour Still Relevant Today?”Much of Durkheim’s analysis of society comes from the importance of the division of labor. Do you believe that the division of labor is still the most prominent social fact, that it determines much about the structure of social lives? If so, why? If not, what has replaced it?

The PDF includes the texts needed for the paper. The texts for this prompt are on pages 101 through 133. Please use examples for the texts to cite as much as possible.

• Papers must be oriented around a clear thesis or statement of argument.
• Papers offering only summary will fail. These papers are about creating an argument and applying/extending ideas.
• In addition to the thesis statement, the introduction should have a ‘roadmap’ which signals the structure of the argument.
• Topic sentences should connect a paragraph’s main idea(s) to your overall argument(s).
• The conclusion should summarize your central argument(s) in fresh language.
• Important concepts, terms, etc should be clarified using course texts. Show me that you can use the text, break down ideas, etc.
• Strong use of evidence, especially from the text, but from other sources as well, makes any argument much stronger.
• A paragraph must be at least 3 sentences.
• Proofread for grammar, spelling and formatting.

A.The paper must be at least 4 pages long. (Do not use a separate title page or needlessly take up extra space with your name, the date, etc.) Papers shorter than 4 pages will receive a score of 60%.
B. You may use Times New Roman in 10, 11, or 12 points; no other fonts/sizes are acceptable.
C. Use normal/standard margins (1” all around).
D. Your papers must be double-spaced.
E. Put page numbers at the bottom right of every page; do not number title pages.
F. Use ASA citation style (see guide on Canvas). The standard ASA in-text citation format is: “Quote” (Lastname year:page#). You do not need to use any other ASA conventions.
G. Parenthetical/in-text citations are always needed.
H. For my classes, separate works cited entries/references pages are not necessary; simply place your bibliographic entries at the end of the paper.
NOTE: I only need bibliographic entries for non-course materials.

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