Write a research paper on the topic of It must be simple to recycle; there aren’t enough recycling programmes to have an effect on waste reduction.

Begin by creating an APA formatted title page for this assignment as seen in the Sample Argument Research Essay.
Using the sample, create an introduction paragraph, with an attention-grabber, background information, and thesis statement based on the stance written in the proposal. Please review the edapt concepts from Weeks 1–4 and the introduction paragraph in the Sample Argument Research Essay to understand how to write a strong introduction paragraph.
Write one full body paragraph with at least one resource. Begin with a transition and topic sentence. Your paragraph content will vary based on where it will go in your essay.

You might begin with additional background information if needed or develop one point to prove your thesis. You might write one of your opposition and rebuttal body paragraphs. Again, the structure of your essay and topic will guide your body paragraphs’ content. Review the edapt lesson on outlining an argument in Week 3. Also, look at the first body paragraph in the Sample Argument Research Essay to help.
Compose your conclusion paragraph. It should offer an overview of the essay’s thesis without repeating it, followed by an impactful look at how the topic and argument fit into a bigger context. Please review the edapt concept from Week 4 specifically covering conclusion writing along with the Sample Argument Research Essay to understand how to write a strong concluding paragraph.
Include a Reference Page and proper APA citations. Create a properly formatted APA reference page including all scholarly resources used in the assignment. Provide in-text citations and parentheticals within the assignment to cite resource information. Again, use the Sample Argument Research Essay to understand the required formatting. Also, see the APA handbook for information on writing references and in-text citations properly.

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