Write a research paper on the topic of what constitutes a policy brief critique.

Write a research paper on the topic of what constitutes a policy brief critique.
Final Research Paper: Homeland Security Policy Critique – Due at the end of Week 10

For this paper assignment, each student is to develop a detailed critique of a specific homeland security policy. This policy could include those related to counter-terrorism, cyber security, border security, critical infrastructure protection, the USA PATRIOT Act, etc. The topic must be related to the course topics and course learning objectives. To complete this critique students should review national strategy documents, Presidential Directives, Congressional Research Service and GAO reports, and course materials, and complete a literature review on the homeland security policy being evaluated. Students need to assess the effectiveness of a specific homeland security policy to deter, prevent, and respond to various threats or vulnerabilities. Further, students should summarize any civil rights or legal issues with the implementation of this homeland security policy and how these issues are being addressed. Also, students should explain the primary organizations responsible for policy implementation and what challenges these organizations have faced in coordinating joint actions across the homeland security enterprise. Finally, students should provide recommendations for improvements or continued success has given the constantly evolving threat environment.

Paper formatting should include the following:

Length: The paper should be at least 12 (minimum) to 14 (maximum) pages (not including the cover page, introduction, and references) using double-spaced, 12-point fonts.

Organization: The paper must be organized in sections by the required topics (above) to include section headings formatted in accordance with APA 7th Edition guidelines.

Sources/References: The paper should cite at least one (1) reference for each page written), not including the cover page, introduction, and references. Resources must be properly cited within the body of the text and reflected in the references using APA format and citation rules.

This paper is due at the end of Week 10 and be worth 300 points or 30% of the final grade.

****Originality of work

The work in this class must be your own and original to this specific course. Unless prior approval has been given by the instructor, work prepared by you for other courses, especially this course taken previously, is expressly prohibited. Use of material obtained from other students is strictly prohibited. Please refer to UMGC Academic Integrity Policy (cited in your syllabus) for more information.

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