Write a research paper on Which courses are considered social science?

Write a research paper on Which courses are considered social science?INSTRUCTIONS: The need for Helping Individuals cope with substance abuse as a Counselor: This paper is your advocating for people within a specific population combatting substance abuse. Please advocate for them in this paper from a Counseling perspective. Please make sure you are specific in your identification of people who are combating substance abuse within their community. For example, instead of stating that you would like to advocate on behalf of ‘individuals combatting substance abuse’, you may narrow this down to “individuals combatting fentanyl abuse in the greater Chicago area”. Also, all proposed interventions must be tailored to people coping with substance abuse and their benefits. Please also, in this paper identify a particular issue or barrier this group faces, that you would address via your advocacy efforts. The problem should be related to counseling (either directly or indirectly) in some way. Again, be specific in your description. For example, rather than “lack of access to substance abuse treatment,” a more specific barrier might be “the role of stigma’s impact on the availability of substance abuse counseling support within the greater Chicago area.” Provide a thorough description of the individuals combining substance abuse in 2-3 paragraphs. Please describe the key characteristics of this specific community. Support your description with available data, etc., and citations.

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