Write a research paper outlining how, from the standpoint of working with the client or clients in the case study, you would handle the ethical conundrum in the study you choose.

Choose an ethical dilemma discussed from the semester: The Taking of Human
Life; Allowing Someone to Die, Mercy Death, and Mercy Killing; Abortion; Lying,
Cheating, Breaking Promises, and Stealing; Morality, Marriage,
and Human
Sexuality; Bioethics- Ethical Issues in Medicine; or Business Ethics. You can
choose to discuss any topic or aspect of these topics you choose. For
example, if you choose the topic the taking of human life you can
suicide, defense of the innocent, war, terrorism, capital punishment, etc.

2. Choose a
case study to address your chosen topic. a situation you have experienced
with a client.
paper should
address the following:
a. Describe
the case study in detail
b. Identify
and describe both sides of the topic. Identify the different arguments for the
topic. Identify the different arguments against the topic.
c. Provide a
discussion of where you stand on the topic of choice. Do you side with the for
or against side. Please explain your reasoning in detail.
d. How would
you address the ethical dilemma in the case study you chose from the
perspective of working with the client or clients in the case
study? This response is going to be different than your subjective point of
view. Part C addresses your subjective
opinion; Part D is a discussion of how you would handle this
situation as if you were working with the person or people involved.

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