Write a research paper outlining how trauma and juvenile delinquency are related.

Select an item from the list of extra material in the chapter shell.
Listed material to use from the chapter is

Child Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency

Child Abuse and Juvenile Delinquency – Criminal Justice – IresearchNet
So much attention has been given by researchers and professionals to the critical link between child abuse and juvenile delinquency that…

Complete the heading including:
Your name
Article title
Source citation
Do a synopsis or abstract on the reading.
Topic of the article
Main points
Article conclusion or your perspective

Any material quoted from the article should have quotation marks and source citation.
Keep cutting and pasting to a minimum.
Research an additional article (not from the list) that deals with information relative to the original article you chose and do a synopsis or abstract of that article following the same guidelines.
Include Title of article and source citation.
Conclude this synopsis/abstract with your thoughts on whether the researched article supports or conflicts with the first article.

Each assignment should be at least 2 typed pages but no more than 3. Use 12-point font, (Times New Roman or Courier), 1-inch margins.


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