Write a research paper outlining the five different categories of cyber security.

Write a research paper outlining the five different categories of cyber security.
that you are part of the team responsible for writing the President’s Daily Brief.
You have been asked to write the main portion of the March 10th Brief.
1. Select two countries or regions that have activity with implications for U.S. national cybersecurity.
2. Your job is to compile open-source intelligence information [such as news articles] from those two geographic areas, analyze your findings, and offer predictions.
Your response should be informed by contemporary events, but if you submit your post early it’s okay to use material from the week of March 10th that you think will be relevant throughout the week or month. You can also use older material to support your work, but current supporting material must be used and should lead your efforts.
Prepare your PDB as if it will not be edited and will be delivered directly to the President of the United States.
My expectation is that you will use reputable newspapers, magazines, news websites, think tanks, and primary sources such as government documents and reports to complete this assignment. The combination of these sources and the number of citations is up to you. You can also use the social media posts of official government accounts, but please do not use any other social media posts as a source. If you do use an official government social media post, please provide a screenshot. If you have difficulty providing a screenshot in your main response, you can provide it as a reply to your post.
While the number of citations is up to you, you should have a significant number of citations because this assignment is driven by current events.

You can organize your PDB however you want to. The declassified PDB that was in your readings is quite old, so don’t look to it as a comprehensive guide.
Make sure to consider the purpose of the PDB when deciding how to organize and present your information.
You should not use bullet points to summarize/emphasize key points; your post should be written in prose (complete sentences).
About 40% of your response should be dedicated to informing your audience about relevant facts, while approximately 60% of your response should be dedicated to providing analysis.
Your response should be between 550 and 650 words in length.

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