Write a research paper outlining the four ecological system theory systems.

Write a research paper outlining the four ecological system theory systems.
Homework (Due: 03/03/2024)
Follow the Ecological System, as explained by Bonfenbrenner and describe your individualized Microsystem experiences (Ex: where you went wath your parents, grandparents, and others. Did you attend a daycare program and how did you react to being left there by your parents on the first day and other days, etc.) from what has been told about you at the time of infancy, toddlerhood, preschooler, and elementary school child. Overall, cover the Microsystem, Macrosystem and Exosystem. You may discuss instances where your parents may not have let you go out alone until you reached a certain Juvenile age (culturally, this happens to girls/women, but not boys/men).
Provide the information within a maximum of 4 pages with a Cover Page that does not count as part of the 4 pages. I will not accept the assignment if it is less than 3

Pages (Reminder: The Cover Page Does Not Count).
Each section that covers a part of your childhood is to have a Heading (Microsystem, Macrosystem and Exosystem) It is expected/a good idea to Google, Search/Research regarding information that could help you best understand the Ecological system. See the Attachments which are part of this folder.
• There is to be a heading with your name, date, course’s name, assignment’s title, and Professor’s name.
• Your work Must Be Completed through Microsoft Word. Double-spaced. Saved as a Document and uploaded as a file through the assignment’s folder.
• This Assignment is due on March 03rd., 2024 by 11:59PM. After that time, BlackBoard will mark your submission as a Late one.

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