Write a research paper outlining the history of the Jews in Europe before to World War II.

Write a research paper outlining the history of the Jews in Europe before to World War II.Please rewrite this essay. It is not plagerized but I used a similar format, pulling inspiration from chat gbt and now the deadline is close and i am worried.
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From the moment Hitler was appointed chancellor, the effects of his bloodcurdling regime became more and more daunting every day. Discriminatory policies were implemented on the daily, all being born from the new regime. The regime was sparked by many beliefs, everything from jewish people being inhuman and inferior, to the newly found Aryan ‘race’ being superior. This ‘race’ was associated with people who possessed blond hair and blue eyes.

In May 1933, it was declared that anything written by Jewish people was to be burned at the Berlin Opera House. This would was just the first of many more heinous acts committed in this period, all getting exponentially worse.

For example not long after this was put into effect, businesses would cease to accept jewish clients.

Continuing in chronological order, Nuremberg Laws Sept, 1935, stated that only Aryans were entitled to be German citizens, as citizenship was revoked for those of jewish descent. At the same time it became illegal for Aryans and jews to be wed or participate in intercourse with each other. This all furthering segregation and discrimination felt by jews.

By 1938 the discrimination against jews became violent, after a 17 year old polish jew killed a german diplomat. As if things could not get any worse for the jews residing in Europe, this act proved to be detrimental, as it became a mercy for all if you were killed quickly. Many jews suffered fates worse than death. As Kristallnacht took place, many Jewish owned businesses and synagogues were destroyed, proving the death of more than 100 Jewish people. At the same time 3000 jewish men were sent to concentration camps, perhaps an act to declare the Aryans superiority, power and punish all jewish, many lives were lost.

However This was just the start of millions more deaths committed at the hands of the aryans. By the end of the holocaust, when it was all said and done, the death of over 6 million jews would be proven from documented papers kept by nazis.

Those who possessed a strong cultural background, many coming from yiddish and Hebrew speaking families such as Elie Wiesel, were not shown mercy, in fact they became more of a target for German soldiers with the intent of eliminating the competition. Elie’s strong cultural background only proved to be harmful, becoming somewhat of a sitting duck in a pond, as she stuck out like a sore thumb. Elie is a prime example of the millions of victims that suffered Nazi persecution. There was no escaping it. These years highlighted the beginning of a dark, detrimental, period filled with destruction and despair. In many cases death proved to be a mercy, many praying for a quick painless end as the events following were more horrific than previously ever imagined.

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