Write a research paper outlining the primary cause of prostate cancer.

Write a research paper outlining the primary cause of prostate cancer.WP
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2/28/24, 1:54 AM
The male and female anatomies are quite different and therefore, their assessments differ.
For example, the assessment of the male reproductive system includes examination of the external genitalia which includes the penis, urethral meatus, the scrotum. When assessing a patient of any gender it is important to provide as much privacy as possible and to also assure that the patient is comfortable with the examination. While wearing gloves, we are assessing the genitalia area and inspecting for any sores, swelling or discharge (White et al.,
2010). The scrotum is then palpated and examined to ensure presence, size, position, and shape compared to the normal scrotum, which is ovoid, smooth, firm and mildly tender to palpation (White et al., 2010). For the females, there is inspection and palpation of their breasts which will assess for any masses or unknown swelling above and below the scapula and under the armpits (Feng et al., n.d). It also includes the inspection and palpation of the external genitalia for any sores, swelling or discharge with inspection of the internal genitalia with the use of a speculum. This procedure is often referred to as the pelvic exam. It is important throughout the assessment process that you engage and explain each step to the patient as this assessment can be very uncomfortable and invasive.

Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death among men in the US and is usually slow growing (National Cancer Institute 2019). The USPSTF recommends that men ages 55-69 years old discuss with their providers the pros and cons of PSA screening and decide to get screened (Healthy People 2030).
Testicular Cancer: Testicular cancer is known as a growth of cells that starts in the testicles (Mayo Clinic 2022). The USPSTF recommends adolescent and adult men against screening for

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