Write a research paper outlining the various management philosophies used in the criminal justice system.

Find a CIVIL CASE (not a criminal case) where a law enforcement agency is the defendant and dealing specifically with one of the issues covered in week #9 or #10’s readings, videos and/or materials and the case is no more then 5 years old. You should cite & identify where in the class materials that your issue is raised. Then, brief the case using the “case brief” method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QajyZKNBNGY&t=287s and post your case brief and link to your case if you found it on https://scholar.google.com/ or attach the case as a pdf if you found it on Nexis Uni (which allows you to download the entire case via pdf). To access and use Nexis Uni, access the UMGC Library home page by going to the link “Resources” in our LEO classroom and then selecting “Library” link. Once you arrive at the UMGC Library Home Page, click on “Databases by Title” Link (near the center of the screen). This will take you to the entire list of the UMGC Library’s databases, where you will find a link to Nexis Uni (under the link “N” in the Table of Contents)

You will need to include two (2) references required by the grading rubric: (i) One being your case you briefed; and (ii) the other being a reference to the course materials which it relates to or addresses the topic your case analyzes.

Note: all cases must be within the past 5 years and NOT used by any other student and cannot be “re-used” later by yourself in future discussion board postings. Make sure your case is still “good law” by using Nexis Uni system and bring the case up on the screen and make sure there is no “red dot” in the upper left-hand side by the case title. Your case for the discussion areas should deal with law enforcement (federal, state or county or city). The reason why is that this class is about legal liabilities facing law enforcement and lawsuits against those entities have unique issues–such as immunity, pre-suit notices must be served upon them, limitations of damages awarded against them, court ordered consent decrees etc…. so please make sure your case study deals with a law enforcement agency (defendant or plaintiff) and specifically with one of the issues in the readings in this week or last week (see content link for these materials, which will be your 2nd reference called for by the grading rubric).

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