Write a research paper that explains the importance of social value in business.

Write a research paper that explains the importance of social value in business.
Don’t change my words just add more and more the proposal checklist take the same words of each phase from one to five only need to be covered use the same words when covering the points for example What is the new idea? What is the business and social value?
Consultation and AR: what is the needed knowledge?
Why is it important? Who is going use the same wordings no worry for the proposal checklist plagirisim
I uploaded a one page proposal but I will pay for the support the extra pages for the one page proposal each paragraph is a reflection of the proposal checklist so for chapter one all what you have to do is just write more words for each paragraph check my proposal checklist and fill everything I didn’t fill everything need to be related to my project also in paragraph one . add headings
apa 7 also no citation should at the end of a paragraph or in the beginning of a paragraph

don’t use sources older than fiveyears plus make sure each not every paragraph is empty of citation the more the better so if you need more than nine add no two line paragraphs

paragraph one also add this paper based on an observation that happened over the year also. Reflect more for paragpargh one about ROI of this school it’s attached in the appendix

you cannot write due or because no reasons of the drop should be stated in paragraph one

third for the proposal checklist this is consultation column which in the middle don’t follow the academic or business plan .

For the one page uploaded don’t change anything and I want same type of writing and simple english just write more words and add a heading for each points one to five paragarph no short paragraphs

Heading: change it to what you think more suitable remove in Kuwait

Also for the fourth paragraph please consult an accounting SME look at the feedback of the instructor attached below first one on the right he wrote that according to decline in profits write the formula in the paragraph but according to an SME accounting there is an other way around to continue with this topic

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